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Jumbo Chicken Wings

Cedar Inn's famous Jumbo Chicken Wings.

These are the wings that have kept us in business for forty years! Some dare to call them "Pterodactyl" wings they're so big! 

Slather them in our classic buffalo sauce, or choose any one of our six wing sauces.

Served with ranch or blue cheese and a side of celery.

1/2 Dozen $12.25Full Dozen $24.5018 Piece Wing $36.75
Wing Sauce:Hot Buffalo Asian Sticky Cajun Dry Rub F'd Up (A spicy mix of buffalo and asian) Lemon Pepper Rub Curry Rub Garlic Parmesan Mango Habenero Jamaican Jerk Thai Peanut Garlic Pepper Rub
Extra Side Sauces:Asian Sticky +$0.50F'd Up +$0.50Garlic Parmesan +$0.50Hot Buffalo +$0.50Jamaican Jerk +$0.50Lemon Pepper Rub +$0.50Mango Habenero +$0.50Thai Peanut +$0.50Side of Celery +$0.50
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